"An excellent read and good story with wonderful illustrations for children. I will enjoy reading this book with my grandchildren when they come to visit. Thank you Mr. Eule, We look forward to reading future books written by you" -​Sharon M

"This is a wonderful book, as enjoyable as the first book. It has become a favorite of the kids." - Elizabeth T.

Here are some of our reviews from our Amazon Kindle books

The Little Blue Jeep

Our new book is now available on kindle, we will have printed books soon.

"The perfect story for any kid who loves cars and trucks ... from two to eighty-two!
With winsome illustrations. I loved this one."

-Gene H

"This book inspired my third-grade grandchild to want to read aloud to his family for the first time. Finally, a book he is interested in!"- Julius A

"This is a great book. The kids love it! "

-Elizabeth T.

"Enjoyed reading this book as it really pointed out how something treasured should not just be tossed out as "junk" because there could be something good and useful remaining if we just look for it. This is a valuable lesson for children written in an adorable way with great illustrations that add so much to such a cute story. I would recommend this book to family and friends. Looking forward to future books from this author." - ​Jan G